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Thread: CD Image mounting to virtual drive with Daemon Tools

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    Default CD Image mounting to virtual drive with Daemon Tools

    Daemon Tools can be found at Daemon Tools section of our Emulation Related links and downloads

    CD Image mounting to virtual drive with Daemon Tools

    • Download and install Daemon Tools (don't reset yet)
    • Run Daemon Tools from the desktop short cut
    • Once running an extra small icon will be shown next to your desktop clock
    • Right Click on the small Daemon tools icon
    • Move mouse to Virtual CD/DVD-Rom
    • Move mouse to Set number of devices...
    • Click 1 drive
    • Reset windows
    • Once windows has booted again right click on the small Daemon tools icon again
    • Move mouse to Virtual CD/DVD-Rom
    • Move mouse to Device 0: [?] No Media
    • Click on Mount Image
    • Select the CD Image you will be examining
    • If the CD Image has a descriptor file always choose that file to open by

    General Note:- descriptor files are very small files that tells software that reads them what files to open and what type of data is stored in them, common formats are ccd, cue and mdf, there will be others aswell just these are the common ones

    Dreamcast Note:- For Chankast it is recomended you use version v3.29 (I will add a link for this at a later date)

    Analog Audio Note:- For Analog Audio support that is still used by some Emulators/plugins use version 3.47 or older, sound track may not work with newer versions
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