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Thread: Problem with running Brigandine on Epsxe

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    Default Problem with running Brigandine on Epsxe

    First thanks to Rodan for reseeding it, I thought I would stuck at 32% forever. Thank mate

    Well, there is a problem with running it with Epsxe though. I did a quick search around the forum to see if there is a solution. I saw someone had a problem like this:

    - Right after the menu is opened the game just run the intro movie again.

    I know the solution for this one (took me a few minutes to figure out). Somehow if you use a "Run ISO" command and run it directly, it will do that. And even if you can get through the menu screen (hit X fast enough), it will bring you right to the difficult selection screen and skip the Faction selection screen. To solve this, Burn it or use a Virtual drive and mount the CD, then use the "Run CD-ROM" command. That should do it.

    Now this is my problem. The game run fine, but when a batte screen occures, it has a problem. After choosing which Knights to fight and finish deploying, the game basically ... stop. It's not freeze or hang, AKA the music still plays, and the animation still moving. You just ... don't have any control, the grid and battle menu are not loaded, you can not even moving the screen around. Just like this

    I'm running on Epsxe160 (download from this site) and using the SCPH7001 bios, Pete's D3D Driver 1.75, ePSXe CDR ASPI core 1.5.2. I also tested with other Plugin like the Peter OpenGl, nothing worked.

    So anyone know a solution or did run without problem with Epsxe?

    (I put up the question in the request thread but I think a question here will be more approriate).

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    I answered this question in an other thread, but this is a better place to for the answer.

    From what i have been able to determine from looking around is that this is what happens when the game is run with Epsxe.

    The game runs flawlessly with PSXeven. Use that to run the game and you shouldn't have this problem. Thats been my experience at least.

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