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Thread: What game have you recently beaten?

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    I'm on a bit of a streak 2 games in 1 month. just finished story mode in lego city undercover just need to do all the little unimportant item collecting.
    was a pretty fun game nice to have an open world in a lego game for a change could have used a tweak to difficulty to make it just a bit more challenging.
    1 thing I loved is the fixed the horrible controls of vehicles that were in previous games.

    feel free to add me nintendo friend code 1779-5362-8110
    current games
    Spoiler warning:
    super mario 3d land mario kart 7 harvest moon 3d zelda a link between worlds animal crossing new leaf

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    It's been a little while, but just beat Cat Quest fairly quickly. It felt a little grindy and story was minimal.

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