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    Default Programming Rules


    I think I will note to begin with is that I run an informal trench, so I will take things more lightly then most places, so please have fun.

    1. This is a programming section. To discuss and whenever possible show off skills. Please do not put any unrealated topics that do not belong here.

    2. No flaming please, please keep any critisisms constructive.

    3. Please use code that is yours and yours only, it is unfair to use code that is not your own.

    4. Don't ask where to download copyrighted Compilers

    5. The Warez rule still stands here.

    6. By all means, ask questions on things that you do not understand but don't ask Unrealistic Questions, some that have graced the emulation section such as "How do I make a PS2 emulator?" if you need to ask, you obviously do not have the skills to do a project as vast as this.

    7. On the basis that people would like to revisit anything disscused here, I'm going to allow the revival of threads should they have any relevance to the reason for the revival. Also on the case should anyone wish to have their own "Project" thread for their own personal purpose

    8. Double Posting will be allowed on the basis that it is not for spamming purposes. There are curcuimstances in which they will be allowed, i.e. Lack of space in first post, Symmetry for anything that is felt could serve a better purpose in a second post, the need for more attachments (5 are allowed at any time in one post, if you must use a second post to add more attachements) These will be looked at and if needed merged into the first post.

    9. Please do not ask or provide source or programs that would otherwise invade someone's privacy in someway or "Hacking".

    10. If someone does not wish to dilvuge code, do not try to get it from him/her. It is their choice and as such should be respected.

    11. I'm going to allow stickyied threads, temporaraly for people if they want it to sort out any outstanding issues, until the problem is solved

    More rules will be added as seen fit
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