I don't know how many times i've seen this, I'd like to make it straight Emuparadise = Warez free, please do not post links to torrent sites/torrents that contain any type of warez, MP3/PC 'Appz'/PC ISO's/PC Rips. There's one site in particular that user's seem to think they can post and get away with cause it has console torrents in it, The fact of that site is it contains MORE Warez than anything console related.

If you do this once and you'll get a swift warning.
Twice and your gone.

    This also goes for the Emuparadise Bittorrent Tracker, you shall not submit torrents that are warez related they will get deleted and you will lose your account.

Please keep the forums warez free, and enjoy your stay.
Any questions can be sent to me via the Private Message Feature.