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Thread: CD Image Repair guide.

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    Default CD Image Repair guide.

    OK for those of you that want to attempt to repair either downloaded CD Images or your own backups from scratched CD's, then CDMage is the program to use.

    You can get CDMage for free here

    Grab the latest version (the beta version is the latest and the one you want)

    Now for the guide..

    OK in this guide I will use the image above and the numbers to help you understand what I'm talking about.

    First copy the CD Image to a new folder so you have a backup kept just incase something goes wrong.
    Now install CDMage then run it, then you want to open a CD Image by clicking on the Open icon (1) then select the file type you want to open with the Files of type drop down (2)

    Note:- It would be better to open your CD Images from a descriptor file such as a cue or ccd file but not all CD Images use those, though if you choose RAW as the file type this will attempt to auto detect the type and create a cue sheet for it, only choose Raw though if you find problems opening a CD Image

    Back to the guide..
    Next find and click the file you wish to open then click the Open button (3), hopefully the CD Image has successfully opened, now you can click the Scan for corruption button (4) then a new window will pop up, just click the Scan button (5) on this, then wait for the scan to finish.
    After the scan if there were any errors they will be reported in the bottom window of CDMage, select all the errors shown there, now you will be able to click either the Repair corrupted sectors button (6a) or the Rebuild Sector fields button (6b) both of these will attempt to repair the CD Image in some way so if one does not work you can copy the unaltered CD Image you put in a seperate folder over the altered CD Image and run it through the process again but choose the other repair method.

    Warning Some dual Session CD Images can cause CDMage to outright crash, dual session images are normally associated with Dreamcast selfboot Images
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