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Thread: Sega/Mega CD Burning ISO's Guide

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    Default Sega/Mega CD Burning ISO's Guide

    Burning Sega CD ISO's for Sega/Mega CD hardware or emulators

    Used tools
    A Region Converter - SCDConv (Attached) or the more compatable ConvSCD
    MP3 to WAV Converter - MP32WAV (DL it from here)
    A Cue Creator - Sega Cue Maker (DL it from here)
    CD Burner/software - ImgBurn is a good recommendation to use for burning software

    Region Converting
    (For use with hardware only, not needed for emulators)
    1. Extract SCDConv in the same folder as the ISO
    2. Rename ?????????.iso to iso.iso (only rename the part before .iso)
    3. Run Convert.bat and then press A for American (NTSC) or E for European (PAL)

    Converting those MP3's to WAV's
    (It is not advised if you are using on real hardware to use mp3 dumped games as this can cause sync issues)
    1. Extract and Run MP32WAV (Does not need to be in the same folder)
    2. Right Click in MP32WAV in the area that the Copyright is stated
    3. Set the output folder there (For this guide I use the same folder as the files I convert)
    4. Find the folder containing all the MP3's
    5. Click the *.* Button then click the V button under the *.* button
    6. Click MP3 to Wav
    7. Delete or Move all the MP3's out the way

    Creating a Cue Sheet
    (For use with hardware or emulators)
    1. Extract and install Sega Cue Maker
    2. Run Sega Cue Maker
    3. Find the folder containing all the Wav's and the iso file
    4. Click Generate Cue then Click Save Cue

    Burning the Game
    1. Pop in your CD-R in your Burning Drive
    2. Open the cue from any CD Burning software you use (Burn ISO is listed many ways throughout CD Burning software)
    3. Set to lowest speed possible.
    4. Burn it

    Note:- CD burning speed
    This is limited by hardware even on trial software when it say it will burn at the 1x it will still burn at the hardware's lowest speed and thats around 4x for most hardware now

    Note:- Region Converting is not 100% proof
    The reason for this lies in the special design of the Sega CD games' boot blocks. Unfortunately, Sega decided to mix security code and actual game code in the first few sectors, which makes it very difficult (in most cases) to relocate the game code in order to gain space for the lengthy American and European security codes. If a game doesn't use relocatable code (as it is theoretically a Sega programming standard), the conversion might fail.

    Note:- I will try and get the files hosted here at another time, so let me know if any of the links go down

    For Comments or Suggestions post them at the Comments on Guides thread, also note what Guide you are commenting on
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