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Thread: Disrespecting members

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    Default Disrespecting members

    I'm getting sick and tired of seeing members flaming each other, This is a gaming community, not a "Flames Are Us, 24/7 L33t omfg!!!"

    Example: This Thread
    You shall obey and follow these simple rule.
    1) No disrespecting other members.
    2) If you have something mean to say keep it in PM's or a messenger service, We don't want it on the boards.
    3) Any new member who feels that he's being picked on is encouraged to contact the staff immediately.*
    4) Failure to comply with these rules, will get you a warning/and or Banned/Temp Banned.

    *Should a new member be driven out of EP by a bully or bullies, the person or persons responsible will suffer the consequences for their actions. EP is not an elitist club, and so it's not up to any of you to determine who's fit to stay here. We will deal with such nonsense harshly, so it's in everybody's best interest to allow new members the same chance you were given to stick around and enjoy everything that the forum has to offer.
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