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    As you all know, Emuparadise has a large audience which consists of many age groups. Much of this audience consists of the younger members of society. As such, please take care when selecting images to post on our boards or include in your signatures. If you haven�t read the rules lately, let me refresh your memory: Pornography of any kind is not permitted. Some EP members have been posting pornographic images; this is not acceptable.

    In case you need some ground rules for what is acceptable, use this: If you wouldn�t want your parents to see you with it, don�t use it. If it wouldn�t be acceptable in a public place such as a library or school, don�t use it. If you think EP administrators might find it objectionable, don�t use it. Please think about the members of the EP community when posting images on the boards.

    Thanks, and have fun
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