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Thread: umm, is it just me, or is almost all the roms down?

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    Default umm, is it just me, or is almost all the roms down?

    I'm almost sure that it's these school computers, we're on a T1 connection. I bet they have firewalls and/or filters.

    But I tried at my own house and could not download any games, and I don't have dsl, just a simple dial-up connection, and I still couldn't download them. I'm talkin about the roms. All the music is fine, as long as I don't lose a connection.

    I could download them from other sites, but not yours. You guys have the best and rarest games!

    I do use DAP, but if i can't even get past the cgi page, how can i download it?

    I'm sure you'll say it's not down, but I have yet to find a way to download it.

    Help please?

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    Hrmm.. I'm not sure why you can't get past the CGI Page.
    Try holding down your ALT key while clicking on the download link.
    And then leave it, DAP should capture the right link then. Also, do let me know what links you tried to download.
    Ah.. T1 connection =D Why not set up a server for EP ?

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