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Thread: Game Purchases Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaladane View Post
    Well me and Dead have talked about this before (last summer I think?) and I said if I ever saw it in the digi shop on sale which I've never seen pop up before that I'd get it.

    Just noticed it on for $6.24 (75% off) so nabbed it for my B-day. Great timing!!!!

    Lost Odyssey (360/box One)
    Wow, that's cheaper than a physical copy in average condition. Actually, the only thing that could be cheaper is scratched discs only (missing cover and manual).
    Does the store version include a digital manual? Just curious, I can't remember what the story is with M$ pure digital versions.

    Xbox 360 slim RGH (console only with 250GB HDD). Also, DVD drive has LTU2 board fitted and has been flashed.
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    Forgot to mention it at the time, but a couple weeks back i pre ordered and got super mario 3d world on the Switch.

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