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Thread: Retro Paradise Gallery[Wallpaper and Posters]

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    Default Retro Paradise Gallery[Wallpaper and Posters]

    I'll begin with StarTropics with a modernized retro graphics style. The theme is paradise and emulation of games before the 32-bit era. Which is relevant to the retro meeting the modern at EP as a virtual digital museum of the gaming past being conserved as its aspiration, inspiration and emulation in its future. Anyone can post. We're doing a great thing here in posterity's retrospect, let's give the museum art galleries. Anyone can add their renditions, the theme is emulation paradise. I'll post the first one, StarTropics fits the theme and it's a memorable work of ROM as art and deserves special mention. Will add more over time, post your works in reply.

    Will add more later...

    Different games below.

    Frogs and Flies for Atari 2600

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