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Thread: Rival Schools on ZiNc emulator question

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    Question Rival Schools on ZiNc emulator question

    Hi guys and girls I have a question. Someone know if ZiNc emulator registers the amount of time of played games? I have been playing Rival Schools game. The game runs in the emulator like when the game is installed for the first time so some features aren't enabled like free select and secret characters. According to some information I found in a guide after 2 weeks of installation, free select will be enabled but I don't know if the emulator has been registering the amount of time what I have been playing in the first place.

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    14 days for free select and 28 for all characters. Unfortunately I have no idea how or even if Zinc keeps track of time played.

    I've seen cheat codes for unlocking with mame but dunno if it'll work with zinc. There must settings somewhere - maybe dip switch selections to flip everything on.

    Here are the mame codes:

    This might be worth a read too:

    Hopefully this will at least point you in the right direction.

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