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Thread: Dion's Mo' Plants Mod

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    Default Dion's Mo' Plants Mod

    Well, here it is. My first mod.

    This mod adds 8 new plants, along with 2 foods, and one drinkable item


    Cyra Flower - A simple flower. it can be crafted into light blue dye

    Star Flower - Spawns in Plains Biomes and Birch forests. This flower drops 1 torch, and it glows during night.

    Blue Rasp berry bush - Spawns in every snowy biome, drops a new food item called a Blue Rasp Berry

    Snowy Bush - A simple plant that spawns in snowy biomes

    Bush - Basically a dead bush, but not dead XD. I will add functionality to it later on.

    GlowShroom - The 1st rarest plant in the game, only spawning in soul sand valleys. Even then, its difficult to find. I plan to add medicinal properties to it later on.

    IceShroom - A common fungus spawning on top of ice, usually in the frozen ricer or frozen ocean biomes.

    Fire Flower - Same as the Glowshroom, spawns in soul sand valley biomes and is extremely rare. I also plan to add functionality to this plant later on.


    Cold soup - Crafted from 1 Iceshroom and one bowl, is a simple cold soup :>

    Blue Rasp berry - legit just a blue raspberry lol

    Blue rasbperry juice - a nice drink crafted from 1 bottle and one blue raspberry

    Thanks to MCreator for making this possible!

    And yes, you can use this in your modpack. Just Please credit me

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    Thanks for sharing!

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