When you download Nebula Arcade Emulator it's incluided a folder named "Tracklst" inside this folder are some .dat files that can be used in conjuction with Nebula's jukebox.e.g.sf2 .dat file:
0001=Ryu's Theme
0002=E. Honda's Theme
0003=Blanka's Theme
0004=Ken's Theme
0005=Guile's Theme
0006=Chun Li's Theme
0007=Zangief's Theme
0008=Dhalsim's Theme
0009=Balrog's Theme
000A=Vega''s Theme
000B=Sagat's Theme
000C=M. Bison's Theme
000D=Bonus Stage
000E=Player Select
000F=Versus Screen
0010=Winner Screen
0013=Game Over
0014=Score Ranking
0015=New Challenger
0018=Ryu's Ending
0019=E. Honda's Ending
001A=Blanka's Ending
001B=Guile's Ending
001C=Ken's Ending 1
001D=Chun-Li's Ending 1
001E=Zangief's Ending
001F=Dhalsim's Ending
0034=Ken's Ending 2
0035=Chun-Li's Ending 2
0079=Ryu Speed-up
007A=E. Honda Speed-up
007B=Blanka Speed-up
007C=Guile Speed-up
007D=Ken Speed-up
007E=Chun-Li Speed-up
007F=Zangief Speed-up
0080=Dhalsim Speed-up
0081=Balrog Speed-up
0082=Vega Speed-up
0083=Sagat Speed-up
0084=M. Bison Speed-up

However there aren't incluided all .dat files for all games that Nebula supports. Where do you get these files from?