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Thread: The Jazz Out: 4000 Posts of Holo to Lure Him Back

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    of the last 4 movies I watched only 1 was good.
    probe was a boring movie felt like a lame half assed james bond type movie.
    voyage to the planet of prehistoric women wasn't too good it felt like the pilot episode of lost in space some of the costumes were cool and there was a really cool robot. the movie really fits the title of B sci-fi. I thought it was mde in the 70's but it wasn't it was made in 1967 though it looks like it could have been made in the 50's
    silent running was a bit bland it really didn't have much going for it(despite being a universal production)bit of a depressing ending too.
    the omega man was good it one had a good cast and a good premise. I was a little disappointed with the ending though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadlegion View Post
    The 360 version is BC.
    Problems solved right there
    Quote Originally Posted by Grouch View Post
    yeah I un-installed it.
    fixed it for ya
    I can get the ps3 version easily.
    Either way works .

    Getting around to it... | Available via Retroshare 16/7.

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