I'm looking for slip covers for any PS3 game titles. These slips are for slim CD type cases, they fold out and do actually have a spine.

I say any because I have a bunch of promo discs without covers, I could list them (I might just do that in the future) but I'm also getting more here and there so adding to the list might just get messy.

I haven't been able to find anything out there myself really (but maybe there are non-English sites out there that I haven't checked) besides one cover on archive.org... that is for Silent Hill Downpour BLES-01446.

I do have some PS3 promo titles with covers, but I'm missing a bunch. Plus I thought if I asked maybe I could build up an archive of scans

I also have some PS4 promo discs without covers, but from what I can tell a lot of those discs don't come with covers anyway... I've got sealed copies myself without covers (they have "attention manager" sticker on them). But I do know there are some out there that do have covers (eg: I've seen Dark Souls III and a few others). They usually come in slim CD type case too.

Some of my PS4 promos I have full size "Display Only" covers in normal PS4 retail case. These are retail store display slips for empty cases.

I have one PS2 promo missing cover... Dark Chronicle SCES-51190 (aka Dark Cloud 2).

All of the Xbox/Xbox 360/Xbox One promos I have are complete with cover... these come in full retail case with cover close to retail, but with some minor differences (yellow promo strip on front being the obvious one).

Example PS3 promo slip (folded up inside case so you can't see the whole thing):


SH Downpour slip cover on archive.org (full scan):
Spoiler warning:
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Any help would be appreciated, as I said I haven't had any luck finding full scans
Discussion about anything related (as per thread title) is welcome.