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Thread: Duckstation - Loading Saved Data from Previous Game

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    Default Duckstation - Loading Saved Data from Previous Game

    I'm playing Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return and I'm at a point in the game where if you have a saved game file from the first Tomba game in your Memory Card, you can unlock four secret events (or missions if you want to call it that). When the game tries to load the saved game data from the Memory Card it says No saved data.

    How can I load the saved data I have from the first game into Tomba 2?

    Is it through Tools=>Memory Card Editor?
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    I was able to do it.

    On Duckstation I went to Settings>Memory Card Settings then for Memory Card Type selected Shared Between All Games. Then I went to Tools>Memory Card Editor and for Memory Card on the left side selected the first Tomba game and on the right side selected Tomba 2. Then I moved the first Tomba saved game file over to the right by pressing >> and clicked Save.

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