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Thread: BlueMSX How to channge mapper manually?

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    Default BlueMSX How to channge mapper manually?

    Well i'm trying to run Hydlide 2 that's been english patched. After doing some digging around, it seems that the patch screws up the games original mapper info, so you have to set it back to the one it was originally using after you patch the silly thing. Problem is i can't figure out "how" I can actually manually change the mapper in blueMSX. Would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction. Or just point me to a different msx emulator where i can change the mapper manually. That would work too.
    To explain a little further see this topic here Basically the game will forget your character the instant you're done making them, and its supposedly a mapper issue, and i'm having that issue right now. So i literally can't get past the main menu to actually play the game.
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