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Thread: Final Fantasy V & VI ISO ROMs

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    Default Final Fantasy V & VI ISO ROMs

    I'm looking for ROMs of the discontinued 2013 Android versions of FFV & FFVI. I am a big fan of the 20th Anniversary PSP ports of the earlier games, especially for the greatly improved art styles and extra content, and was pleased to see FFV & FFVI get the same treatment for mobile. However, as I didn't have a proper smartphone at the time until recently, I had to miss-out on these titles and was deeply saddened that they were discontinued in favor of the Pixel Remaster versions.

    I've tried looking for ways to get hacked PSP versions, but all current methods are now unachievable as they require the ISO games themselves, which are no longer available. So, if anyone knows of a way I can still get access to these games, I would very much appreciate the effort.

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    You'll need to root your phone to install the old android versions of FFV & VI.
    They aren't difficult to find.

    Not sure what "ISO ROMS" has to do with this, android uses apk and data.

    PSP games aren't difficult to find either, unless they are are PSN only titles (not physical releases).

    Spoiler warning:

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    Yeah, I was looking into some "Android for PC" programs earlier today and learned more about what an APK and OBB are. As you can probably gather by now, I'm a bit of an armature when it comes to the finer details of emulation gaming.

    I was finally able to figure it out. Thanks for responding, anyway.

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