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Thread: Recommendation for Gamepad/controller for laptop.

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    Default Recommendation for Gamepad/controller for laptop.

    Hello All,

    Need a recommendation for a wireless gamepad which can be used with laptop. I am just looking forward to play nostalgic games like Super contra, Adventure Island, Jungle book and Mario etc.

    To give some background, in 2007 I started playing all of the above mentioned games(again... im touching 40 years now). Because of my work I switched to Linux so did not get the chance to play those old games (not sure if its possible on Ubuntu) . But recently I bought a windows laptop so thought to have some fun. I used to visit coolrom and get the roms and emulators.

    Earlier(some 10 years back ) I bought a wired MS xbox game pad... worked like a charm. It got damaged and now wanted a new one, But now at amazon I see some cheaper options and thought to ask you guys.

    Just bumped on a thread at reddit and got to know about this website.

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    I just stick with Xbox 360/One/Series controllers. Windows will of course recognize it right off the bat. You don't really need anything else unless you're going for a more "retro" feel in which case there are usb versions and adapters for and with pretty much every old console controller ever made.

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