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Thread: EP Account Deletion Thread: Fare Thee Well

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    veyronworld Guest


    Hello there Ragnar.

    I'm also not sure if you're still checking in on this thread, but if you are, I hope you're having a wonderful day and are taking care of yourself. I never got around to participating on the forums, breach aside, and am not planning on doing so any time soon, so there's no point in me keeping an account around.

    Thanks for your help, and take care.

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    Sxer0n Guest


    Pls deleting my Account never used, completly forgot about until a friend showed me the haveibeenpwned site, thx in advance.

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    Omari Prass Guest


    Hello, I would like my account deleted. I made it like 6 years ago and never used it, and I don't have a use for it now. Thanks!

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    mediocrenoob Guest


    Hey Ragnar, could you delete my account, please. I'm cleaning up and deleting old accounts I haven't used in a long time and this forum is next on the list.

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    zaya1234 Guest


    hi please delete my account - I no longer use it.

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    Radiance89 Guest


    I'd like to have my account deleted because I don't use it and don't plan to in the future.
    Thank you for your help.

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    corruption_01 Guest


    I made this account years ago and it has gone unused for quite a while. I would like for it to be deleted.

    Thank you

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    TwistedMemory Guest


    Hey I hardly ever visit here anymore. I would like for this account to be deleted.

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    jakemcniel Guest


    apologies, but i would like to request my account to be delete. it would be much appreciated <3

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