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Thread: Is the switch lite worth it?

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    Default Is the switch lite worth it?

    I have a PS5 (costed an arm and a leg tho) and i dont want to miss out on nintendo stuff this gen, i know about the pro rumors but that thing is gonna be costly and hard to find too whenever it comes out
    So i ask, is the lite a good buy at this point?
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    No, do not ever buy a Switch Lite. Stick drift is a real issue on Switch's, and the Lite has the controllers permanently attached to the system. Just buy a regular Switch, so if the controllers fail you can just send em to Nintendo or easily buy replacements.
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    As well as what Ragnar mentioned there's no way to have tv output. You can't even mod it to have that.
    I think the Lite is basically intended for people that have the home console and would rather have the kids playing on something else, also people that want a portable option I guess.

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