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Thread: Which engine / coding language is currently the most promising in terms of sales?

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    Default Which engine / coding language is currently the most promising in terms of sales?

    I need to make some money, but the only thing I wanna make is videogames.
    So, what is an engine / language that I can learn and use to make videogames and sell them ?
    I'm not talking about the present, but about the future as it will surely take some time to learn such language or engine and then probably do what I can do.
    So which language or engine do you suggest to learn so I can make some indie games and where / how to sell them ?
    Of course, I'm not planning to make big games, just indie games (if such term still makes any sense nowadays, of course).

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    Oh yeah it'll take time alright. Going to school for this stuff is probably the best bet.

    C++ is probably a big one, also one of the hardest to learn apparently. Unreal Engine is written in C++. Then there's C# which the Unity engine is written in.

    Then there's Python which is supposed to be easier.

    As for selling stuff I have no idea.

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    I agree, but you need to find a school where programmers teach practitioners who are actually involved in software development today, not just know the theory.

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