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Thread: Intellivision Exclusives

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    Default Intellivision Exclusives

    In today's episode I begin my unit on the Intellivision. I discuss more games that are exclusive to this game system. What game or games do you feel would would not have worked for any other game system before or since? What is your favorite INT game?

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    Ah my first Console. Even before the first family computer. I agree about it having some great sports games. I had a Baseball one that worked just beautifully with a controller that was ahead of its time imo. The only video game my Mom ever played was on this system. One of the D&D games, think their were a couple. She actually beat it too. We had about a dozen games and they were all fun. Think it was '81 when we got it - hell I would have been 3 years old lol.

    Might still be sitting in a box somewhere in my Dads basement...

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