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Thread: Looking for a PC emulator for retrogames (NES, SNES, etc...)

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    Default Looking for a PC emulator for retrogames (NES, SNES, etc...)

    I was tempted by those "Mini Game" nes clones with 620 games in them, but I heard those are clones and not the real ones. They're cheap though... but I guess I can get more with a little research, so I can just launch an emulator on the PC and play with all the roms I got (not just 620...) and in their original form.

    So, I'm looking for an easy-to-manage emulator for PC (Windows), something that you have to set once and you can select the rom directly with the joypad input (instead of using the mouse to browse the game/rom). Example: something that displays a list on the screen and with the use of directional buttons each game can be directly selectable. Is there anything close to this criteria ?
    Basically all I want to avoid is the little stress of clicking and selecting the mouse, reducing such effort to just the double-click on the program shortcut. Yeah, I know, that's lazy, but at the end of the day you know the least you wanna do is to stress furthermore just to have some fun, or to pay for a peace of un-customizable plastic (as I've heard you can't put more roms in them).

    Or, even better: a whole Operative System I can install on a Windows machine ( I have a small PC I don't use which can perfectly fit such task) so I can just boot it and it does all the rest. Does something like this exist at all ?
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    I think most people would suggest RetroArch. It can be used on PC, but I have it on my PS3 and use the controller to navigate the games list.

    On my PC I have CoinOPS Next Mini.

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    After a research I found out Lakka (which it seems it's based on Retroarch), but it's a OS. Has anybody tried it or can tell me how it works?
    I'm low on bandwidth so the download is 400mb. Does it work like a linux distro (example: it creates a partition then i can just boot it) ? Can it be installed from USB ?

    about Coinop etc, it looks promising... but sincerely I don't want to have anything with those who use the image of the Buddha holding a mini arcade cabinet (as I've seen on some download pages of that emulator).
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