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Thread: Need some info for playstation 1 and 2 emulator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaladane View Post
    You can increase the resolution in the video settings - native (which is regular) 2x,4x,6x and so on. If you can pull off 2x or 4x without things slowing down then that might help with blurriness.
    Hmmm... Well like I said it no big deal I already running it at 1080p, oh and on a lighter note about the ps2 emulator I have the pcsx2 v.1.6.0 I heard there was a v.1.7.0 version however I did not fond it I look in there website the only one they have is the v.1.6.0 am i looking in the wrong place ????

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    v1.7.0 is dev branch.
    v1.6.0 is most recent stable.

    Spoiler warning:

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