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Thread: Trouble getting ePSXe to run

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leaf View Post
    Okay fair enough. Against my better judgement I might try that ISO that tried to download something. Hopefully I don't regret it
    (edit) How about that it actually seems to be working.
    Is there anyway to check I have my memory card options correct?
    (edit) Hm it says my memory card isn't set
    (edit) I think I've got it to work now
    Good stuff. BTW you're request was filled. Dunno if you still need it but:

  2. The Following User Says Thank You to Dr. "Rocket" Romano For This Useful Post:

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    Thanks Zaladane couldn't have done it without you.
    My ISO seems to be working fine so far but I'll keep this other one in mind just in case.
    Also does pSX have a turbo button? I went into controller configuration and I couldn't find one.

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