I played BlockOut 1989-1990 and was best in school.
Level: "Out of control" always 90000-100000 score.

Then some years went and I found it 2017.
I first played it on emulators in browser but wanted to be ranked in global scoreboard.
Then I found BlockOut2 that I needed to download to upload score to a world ranking scoreboard.

I wanted not to download anything and still be able to get ranked on a global scoreboard.

So then I found some code, to be able to build a BlockOut version for browser in JavaScript/HTML5.
There I could make a score get uploaded to a SQL scoreboard.


This is how to play it in your phone.

This is how to play it on a PC.

Is it ok?

I would like to start a global tournament on this game.

Anybody interested?

Regards MagI