I just stumbled upon an old discussion on Reddit of a modder replacing the music in Twilight Princess with the reorchestrated music of Twilight Symphony by ZREO. They said it was an ISO (loaded with HD textures as well) that used to be on EmuParadise before the Nintendo purge. I was wondering if it was still around somewhere, because ever since Twilight Symphony came out that was exactly what I wanted.

As a bonus question, anyone known how I can replace the Gamecube version of the game's textures with the Wii U version? I guess I'm just assuming the musically redone mod I'm talking about is on there, correct me if I'm wrong. I've also seen a mod for this but it was also taken down. These two together (maybe with some Reshade and HD rendering on Dolphin) would make the ultimate version of the game!

So many awesome mods are being lost to time and copyright law Thank you to anyone who is able to reply!