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Thread: Microsoft HD-DVD player psu

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    Default Microsoft HD-DVD player psu

    I've been looking at getting a psu for the Xbox 360 HD-DVD addon.
    Problem is I can see 2 different microsoft psu model numbers and I'm not sure why (both are available as 100-240v input afaik).

    So there's:

    12v 2.0A


    12v 2.5A

    Ordinarily I would just simply adapt a psu close to spec for a task like this, but the HD-DVD drive itself has an unusual DC socket which I don't have the correct plug (barrel and pin) for at all.
    I do have a 12v 2.0A DC adapter here, I guess I could open up the HD-DVD player to desolder the odd DC socket and solder in a standard type but I'd rather not tbh.

    I think I figured out what the odd DC plug is.
    EIAJ-04 (think this is a Japanese designation but I'm not sure).
    Also, there might be a Lumberg part number (maybe 1636 04).

    Anyway, specs should be outside diameter 5.5mm, inside diameter 3.3mm, pin diameter 1mm, barrel length 9.5mm.
    Rated for 10.5-13.5v.

    It kinda looks like plugs you see on some laptop psu's but smaller.
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