I've been going back and starting over on old MH games on emulators for old times sake (as well as to crank the resolution and upscale them). While i do own physical copies of every game i'm emulating, i unfortunately don't speak japanese, and have been trying to get my hands on ways to play them in english as i'd prefer that over blindly trying to guess what the materials i need are, like back in the old days. I've already came across Portable 3rd's english work by TMO (very last revision v5.0.0), and now i'm looking for Team HGG's work on MHP2ndG (their last revision as far as i'm aware was v2.7). I'd appreciate if someone could dm me to share it or somehow point me in the right direction to either the final work or even a copy of Papimeru 2.7 to get it sorted out myself. I've turned the whole internet upside down and haven't been able to find v2.7 by HGG.
I'm aware Freedom Unite is a thing but i'm particularly searching for 2nd G, i'm also aware there's other versions of 2nd G in english that are easier to find, but i'm particularly fond of Team HGG's work.