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Thread: CODEBREAKER 10.1 for PCSX2 emulator with complete instructions

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    Default CODEBREAKER 10.1 for PCSX2 emulator with complete instructions

    Hi to all the emulation fans and certainly PS2 is one console system interesting to play emulated games on the computer and the playstation 2 is the best-seller console in history with 155 millions units sold, followed by nds with 154 millions and gameboy/gameboy color with 118 millions.
    This post is not to speak about statistics but to help any interested pcsx2 emulator user to play ps2 games with cheats.
    First download the next elf with codebreaker 10.1 updated on the next link: (3.6 mb) and after that leave the elf on the pcsx2 directory.
    Now, run the emulator and go to System/Run Elf and select the codebreaker elf that you just download and after reach the codebreaker menu, go the gun icon and select the cheats for the game you want to play, when ready go the disc icon on the menu and click on the X button of the gamepad, a message saying Please Insert Game will appear and after that go to the emulator
    and select on CDVD tab ISO Selector and finally Browse (if the game is not present on the recent played games) for the game you just selected cheats on the codebreaker then click on the swap button to the selected disc and now the disc on the PCSX2 is the game disc that you want to play with cheats, now that the game is inserted we return to the screen menu and we click on the X button to continue and the game you just select it will start with normality but with the cheat codes working and the selected cheats probably it will be working playing the game.
    FINAL NOTES : most of the games, if not all of them are to the USA version of the game and sometimes the cheats are working correctly but because the code changing can happen issues to the gameplay that aren´t easy to detect like an item that is supposed to work at a certain point of the game and doesn´t work no matter what, but this type of issues are not happen all the time, another thing to reduce the possibility of this issues is to select under the cheats selection , less cheats as possible then less code is changed on the game and with that less possible issues.
    I hope all the emulation fans liked this post and happy cheats everyone on the PCSX2 emulator...
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