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Thread: INCREASE your SHADERS optiona on the PCSX2 emulator

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    Default INCREASE your SHADERS optiona on the PCSX2 emulator

    Hello to all emulation fans and this post is to talk about how to increase the options to the shaders on the PS2 games with the PCSX2 emulator, the true is even for other emulators this possibility can be used but PCSX2 emulator on the Video GSdx11 configuration plugin have a shader configuration button that at the start have only the Texture Filtering of Display checked but also have unchecked the FXAA Shader and the Shade Boost, if you check this last option, the general brightness, contrast and saturation of the shade can be manipulated and if you check the External Shader button you will notice two paths for external shader and external shader config displayed, this external shader is available with the emulator, just need to be ticked on the plugin.
    For more shaders options you need to download the ReShade_Setup_4.6.1.exe from the site , just click on the link and proceed with the setup and click on the click here to select a game button on the installer then click on the Browse button and locate the PCSX2.exe on the emulator folder then tick the Direct3D 10/11/12 option and proceed with the install, on the select effect packages to install tick Standard Effects and SweetFX by and click ok, of course as you see on the effects selection page, they are more shaders effects available but for start we can click on the OK button with only the refered 2 options ticked then confirm, the other shaders can be accessed by the installer anytime and /or update your current available shaders, then tick at all the standard effects and all the SweetFX effects, finally after a message at the top of the installer says that the RESHADE setup was successful and we can close the installer, now on PCSX2 folder we can see a ReShade.ini file at the executable directory and the presence of a folder called reshade-shaders with the shaders and textures you downloaded, run the PCSX2 emulator and select a game and playing the game activate the shaders with the HOME button of the keybord, you wiil notice a slight bright difference on the screen after click on the button and then you see that the light projection will improve and the general shaders effects got more active a bit.
    And that´s all about increasing shaders options on your PCSX2 emulator and the reshade setup can be used in other emulators too.
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