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Thread: GZMAKER for the PCSX2 emulator - BEST PS2 ISO compression method for the PCSX2 emulator

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    Default GZMAKER for the PCSX2 emulator - BEST PS2 ISO compression method for the PCSX2 emulator

    Hello emulation fans and this post is to present a tool that it will revolucionate your compression work for the PS2 isos to run on the PCSX2 emulator.

    Download available at the end of this post.


    Unzip the GZMAKER.7z and
    move or copy the GZ folder to the emulator directory
    and when you get a new 7z compressed PS2 iso file move it
    to the GZ folder then run the GZMAKER executable then
    wait to the gz be ready and move it to wherever is your
    games folder (also works with the standalone iso)

    the tool deals with one game at the time, if you downloaded
    more than 1 PS2 isos with 7z compression, move them to the
    standby folder and cut and paste one by one to the tool
    directory folder until all of them get the gz compression state


    when a new gz compressed file is loaded by the emulator
    for the first time, it is needed to wait some seconds depending
    on the gz size for the emulator create a temporary index to
    the new game in gz compression

    this gz tool will delete the 7z or/and iso files needed
    to create the gz file, so if not shore about the gz compression
    files to play, backup your original files

    ================================================== ==================
    * while maxcso gives cso with high cpu usage and it is really slow,
    * gz compression works great and this tool create new gzs super fast
    ================================================== ==================

    GZ is no doubt the best compression method
    for your PS2 isos on the PCSX2 emulator !!! (278 kb)
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