I played Suikoden 2 US release on both the epsxe1.7.0 and Pcsxr-r72232 emulators but the good ending scenario would not load even after I follow the correct procedures to trigger it. I already got all of the 108 stars of destiny, went to Tenzan Pass to have the final duel with Joey, did not attack him even once in the duel, and refused to unite the Bright Shield Rune with the Black Sword Rune and seal the Rune of Beginning that forms after combining the 2 runes, but the dialogue keeps on repeating Joey's request to seal the runes even though constantly refusing to would trigger the scene where the 2 runes would heal Joey and then Leknaat would appear and suggest that the main character and Joey should travel the world with Nanami. How can this glitch be fixed?