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Thread: Emulation and Portability

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    Firstly, sorry, I'm new to emuparadise and emulation in general, so it may not be the best subforum. Ok, so I use Gambatte on my PC and the ROM-hacked, colorized version of pokemon red (with gen. 1 graphics/sprites) that I got from I was wondering if
    1. My android phone can have a Game Boy emulator.
    2. I could play the colorized version of Pokemon Red (I ask because I had to patch the fresh ROM using Lunar IPS instead of having an already hacked ROM.)
    3. In the off-chance I can't get my colorized, gen. 1 vanilla version on my android phone, are open-sourced handheld consoles a viable alternative for placing emulators and ROMs? (I just straight up don't know if they do that or not lol)
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