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Thread: Playstation Emulating other Consoles?

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    emuZed Guest

    Post Playstation Emulating other Consoles?

    Someone told me that a few emulators existed that are run on the PSX.

    Has anyone heard about this?

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    GbaMaster Guest


    Look at, there is an PSX-NES emulator

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    MrDudeX Guest


    I can't seem to find that on, can you give us a more direct link?

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    Dr_Ackula Guest


    There is in fact a nes emu for psx, but it requires a psx mod chip to play. There are however alot of emu's that play on the DreamCasy which do not require any kind of mod chips. There are emu's for NES SNES Genisis GBC and more...

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    djesiret Guest
    A Rom image exist that will allow the PSX to boot backups and the NEW emulator without a mod-chip. But they want just as much for the disc as the chip. I've seen the image floating around irc (GeneralMe ) but I'd rather use the DC emus.

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