For the longest time I was using a Galaxy S7 with ePSXe for my emulator. I switched over to the Razer Phone 2. Now I am having some issues. All of my files are saved as zip files with a .bin and a .cue. Now if I drag and drop the zip file onto my phone I can use the new ePSXe extension and the file is extracted and everything looks great. HOWEVER the files get put onto my internal memory and it just gets eaten up. If I then move the files over to my SD card ePSXe can see it and I can start it but I have to use the ePSXe file explorer to open it. I don't just get a list of games with the game art. I am trying to save it to this directory. SanDiskSDcard/Android/data/com.epsxe.ePSXe Am I doing something wrong?