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Thread: The 911 - a car audio boombox!

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    Default The 911 - a car audio boombox!

    I am pleased to announce, after signing up for these forums long ago and not being too active here lately, I got this DIY project of mine that took months of extensive planning, budgeting, and building. The reason I call this "The 911" was because almost surprisingly, this boombox of mine was put together on September 11th. I recorded 45 seconds of footage showing the final build.

    Surprisingly from what I learned in the last year or so is that it is possible to use a desktop computer PSU to power on any car stereo that runs on 12 volts DC. It will take cutting, exposing, and twisting the proper wires correctly between the car stereo and PSU for it to run. If you do, make sure you always seal the exposed wires with electrical tape.

    Staff: The topic is computer-related because my boombox does consist of a CPU cooling fan (to support the car stereo's heatsink) and a desktop computer PSU (for DC power). If for any reason this still does not fit the forum, please let me know.

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    Desktop PSU's are a great power source for all sorts of things. Even old units are great for 12v and 5v power.
    You can even use one to replace and dead or dying PS3 PSU (but it will be externalised).
    Many people use them as project power supplies as they're much cheaper (or free) compared to kit power supplies.

    Spoiler warning:

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