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Thread: Does it worth to buy an X360 in 2019 to mod it?

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    Default Does it worth to buy an X360 in 2019 to mod it?

    this is Davide

    I'm posting today to ask some info about the Xbox 360.
    I'm trying to build my Retrogame catalog, starting from VCS2600 to (ideally) the first X-Box.

    I have access to different systems: the main one will be a Nvidia Shield TV, but I have also a Wii U that I think I will mod in future and a PC (an old I3 of 2010).

    I understood that the Shield can emulate up to PSP and Dreamcast.
    GameCube also, but for this I will use the Wii U once I will mod it.

    For the PS2, the only option I have is PC, I tried the one I have and it works fine.

    The only problem is the first Xbox, I chosen a small catalog of games from its library but then I faced the fact that it's almost impossible to emulate on a Windows PC.
    I gave up most of the games but there is one I really can't give up: Panzer Dragoon Orta.

    The conclusion was that my PC (and any other) can't do it and that the best (and cheapest) option to access it is the Xbox 360, that can also be modded.
    I know that some versions of the console have an enough large HDD and it allows to access also other emulation (up to N64 or first PSX), so it would ease the charge of stuff on the Nvidia Shield..

    I would buy it, but I was scared about the story of the Red Ring of the Death, I understood that the console sooner or later is fated to die. (sooner than expected anyway)

    So, my questions are:
    Is there any way to decently emulate Panzer Dragoon Orta on a PC?

    Else, I would buy an X360..
    In that case, is there a version that is not fated to die in few years for the Red Ring of Death? (I don't know, maybe the last one released.. the E Model)?
    If so, is this model easy to mod?
    What are the internal storage amount options available with this version?
    If the Console is modded, is it still capable to emulate the first Xbox games?

    I'm asking this because for example I heard that for Xbox One you should pay an account as Developer and loose access to Retail Games, so for me the One is an expansive and disadvantageous option.

    What I mean is that if I buy it, it will be my fourth device with this purpouse, so my objective is to have not any kind of renunciation in that case.

    Thank you in advance for your time!
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