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Thread: Two-ROM Genesis Repros (PSIV)

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    Default Two-ROM Genesis Repros (PSIV)

    I've tried to find this out for myself, but haven't had any success. Any ideas appreciated! I PM'd Jazzmarazz but figured a public post might be best, even though the forum seems a graveyard now.

    I want to put my PSIV relocalization onto on a real Japanese cart for myself and the folks who helped me.

    PSIV is 3MB/24mB and has 2 ROMs on the board.

    1. For a 2-ROM board, do you just program a M27c160 (bottom one, 2MB) and then a M27c800 (top one, 1MB), respectively? Following all the normal programming instructions (byteswap both, program each bank 1 by 1 in 512KB chunks, etc.)?

    2. If yes to the above, can I use 2 M27c160 chips and just fill the rest of the 2nd chip?

    I've converted a few JP-to-Eng carts successfully but I can't find an answer anywhere about 2-ROM Genesis games.

    Any advice?

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    2 rom Genesis is unlike other systems. To my understanding, all even numbered lines of code sit on one eeprom, all odd numbers on the other

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