If so, and if you're old enough, remember this guy?


His name is Swayzak and he was the main antagonist of the 2002 Total Immersion Event Trapped in Hyperspace, wherein he infected the ship Absolution and sent it on a collision course with Earth.

What I want to find out about is his role in the tie-in online game, which is lost media. From what I know, he showed up at the end of each stage and taunted you; his voice had a New Zealand accent to it and according to several devs I spoke with, his actor was New Zealander and did not treat the staff kindly.

But what I REALLY wanna know is this. In the fifth and final stage of the game, Swayzak infected TOM. Apparently, TOM had an evil giggle while infected by Swayzak, and the fifth stage revolved around using a pod containing an antidote while inside TOM's body (not sure, but the stage had grey walls so I want to believe) to cure him while fighting Swayzak, whose full body was finally visible and was fought in pitch darkness. Does anyone remember this and if so am I correct?

Please help me bring Swayzak to the masses and educate me on what the Trapped in Hyperspace game was all about (I know it's a 3D FPS, I've seen what there is of it on the Net. I wanna know about Swayzak's role and TOM infected and such.)

(PS: If you know something Swayzak said in the game, particularly around the later stages, please list it because I know only a few things he said)