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Thread: XBMCEmuStation running on xbox 360 Jtag - is this possible

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    Default XBMCEmuStation running on xbox 360 Jtag - is this possible

    Hi Guys

    New to the four but have been messing around with emulators what seems like my whole life.

    So a little background. I have used several systems to run multi-platform emulators in the past from PC/Mac to Raspberry Pi with retroPi to PSP / PSVita running retroarch.

    So I've just upgraded my old xbox360 JTag console with a new HDD and was looking for emulators that run on this platform, I found a few such as mame360, a Sinclair spectrum emulator, an Atari 2600, Snes, Magedrive/Genesis - basically the typical systems that are available.

    this all works fine and I upload rooms to each system via FTP as an when I need to.

    Would love to get retroarch on this system but as yet this is unsupported from what I can see.

    Anyway back to the question.

    I stumbled across an emulator for the original xbox called XBMCEmuStation which from what I can see is a mod of XBMC by a user named Rocky5. this is skinned to replicate emulation station on the retropie and looks very good.
    I tried this on my xbox 360 baby running it under the original xbox emulator (this works for other emulators without issue) but it failed miserably.

    Has anyone heard of this or tried it and got it working ?

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    You're running an emu frontend inside an emu, it's unlikely it will work well (if at all). Original Xbox emulation on 360 doesn't work that well tbh, even M$ admits that now since BC titles have been flooding the xbone platform.

    RetroArch 360 v1.0.0.2 might be the last RA version available, it's like 5 years old at least and the person working on the port gave up afaik.
    Cores currently supported:
    - Genesis Plus GX
    - SNES9x Next
    - VBA Next
    - NEStopia
    - FCEUmm
    - Mednafen PCE Fast
    - Mednafen NGP
    - Mednafen VB
    - Mednafen Wonderswan
    - Prboom
    - NX Engine (Cave Story)
    - Tyrquake
    - FInal Burn Alpha
    - Gambatte
    - MAME 2003 (0.78)
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    Thanks, thought it would be a long shot.

    Guess it’s back to my psvita for handheld emulation - might look at building myself another retro pie

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    there is a good port of final burn alpha to the xbox 360 and also there is a lot of original xbox emulators that works on xbox 360 also.
    this also includes originla xbox homebrew ports like streets of rage remake for example.
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