I mentioned this the other day in the HO and there wasn't any interest, but I'm going to drop it here just for fun.

Necro/Corey and I have been dumping a ton of hours into this CV HoD port and it's a blast. There's a pretty active little Discord community for it and a nice group of people who are around for advice, grinding assistance, or just having fun running through some stages. A lobby holds up to 10 and it feels like it's been ages since either of us had a *good* online multiplayer experience. It's definitely been several years since I played with anyone else from EP.

Anyway. The dude who originally was putting it stopped after being C&D'd (I believe) and the game is now being updated by fans. It definitely has some janky aspects to it, but it's still super fun. I believe the latest update was put out on April 1st. I love playing with Corey but it's even more fun to see a handful of people tearing through a stage again after having played HoD on the PS3 with Ray and Ivolt and Tan ages ago. If you have any interest in multiplayer CV, I would give it a go.

I believe we originally got our info from this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/castlevania...pc_unity_port/ , but the download is grabbed by asking a member in the Discord channel. For the sake of ease, Corey put together a link with all the files already patched and such (except the latest one, I suppose) so I can always PM that off too.

Come play with usss~