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Thread: have you ever cried playing JRPG/any RPG game?

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    Smile have you ever cried playing JRPG/any RPG game?


    thanks to Emuparadise, i have discovered so many JRPG i missed when i was a child. that time i saw 20+ JRPG game on sale but i don't have money so i have to borrow it from my friend and one game, that successfully make me cried. called Rhapsody : A Musical Adventure (developed by Nippon Ichi, known for its Disgaea games on PC). this game successfuly make me cried when i was child, and still is even though now im 21. due to its storyline, songs and gameplay that is not easy yet not hard. makes the game truly perfect for me. especially on the storyline. the storyline is so perfect and truly give the storyline "golden story" feel. added with the ending that truly hits me in the feels.. i have finished this game twice now and i heard there is sequel to this game but sadly it never get translated..

    so guys, what games that makes you cried? have you ever played game on retro console or modern console that successfully hits you in the feel? let me know..
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    I am proud to say, without even knowing what I was getting myself into and having loved Mystic Quest without even knowing it was a Final Fantasy...

    *kills every scoffer in sight/site*


    And I will
    that even flinches unexpectedly with a glimmer of possible negative connotation at this admission!!

    (I was like twelve or something and had no clue... just no clue how close to my heart...
    well.. how far from it I was...

    Oh and I gotta add: while tears reamed my face, and only Cloud was left standing since he had the ring from Costa Del Sol basement, I mashed a final epic Climhazzard into Jenova's FACE and darted to the heavens beyond... my... final heaven...
    *cue that Nobu nyugga*
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