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Thread: Any experts on disk controllers?

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    Default Any experts on disk controllers?

    I'm trying to upgrade my ancient Compaq Presario from a Crucial M4 SSD to an Samsung 850 Pro. I realize It is a bit overkill. But I was running out of space on the crucial and I'm a fanboy of the 850 Pro. I've come to accept that there must be some sort of Hardware incompatibility. This Compaq was one of the first 64 bit machines and one of the first to use Sata. I have been using a 6TB drive with this machine with no problems for years.

    The main issue I'm having with it are device errors when starting windows Windows 7 setups off the DVD. Other issues involve formatting the drive. When the drive is formatted in computer management using quick format it gets stuck saying formatting then the drive disappears. similar things happen when using Linux based disk cloning utilities.

    There are no Windows 7 drivers made for this machine by the manufacturer.

    I have tried cloning the disk on my Dell Precision T5500 and there are no issues during the cloning process. However when booting the Compaq off the drive, It stays on the floating glowing windows logo until I get a blue screen. I am able to partition the disk and install Linux and window on the drive using the Dell without problem. So I suppose I must accept that the Compaq is not compatible. If anyone can explain what could be causing it to hang up or have any tips for me please let me know. Thanks.

    Compaq Presario SR1750NX

    Latest Bios available 3.15

    Motherboard Model: A8AE-LE

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    AMD Opteron 180
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