Picture for the reference/attention/because the thread looks better with it.

I've got some issues with running this game on Visual Boy Advance. When the level starts, the main character can't be seen, as if she's invisible. When I press jump, she can be briefly seen at the top of her jump, but as soon as she falls she becomes invisible again. Same goes for the items and enemies. I tinkered with the video options (all layers are turned on), I tried both the older versions and the latest one, but no success. I also googled but didn't find anything useful. Anyone else experienced this? (It's not that big deal, I can play it on mGBA, but still, kinda surprises me that it doesn't display properly on VBA. And it's not a sole case; I've also had some similar issues with the game The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror.) Any advice?

P.S. When I run the game in the GBA mode and play the GBA-exclusive bonus levels, the characters are displayed fine, but the game is going a little slower and the GUI can't be seen; well, actually, it's only seen for a split second when I press pause.