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Thread: > 5gb isos on softmodded xbox, advice needed please.

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    Default > 5gb isos on softmodded xbox, advice needed please.

    Ok, so I downloaded some xbox games which unzipped to iso files too big for a standars dvd, and my burner doesn't do dual layer discs. I tried ftp'ing the isos to the xbox, but they don't work. I tried extracting the files from the isos using Qwix, but it just says 'no xbox identifier marker, maybe file is corrupted'. I tried Power Iso, but still no luck. Is there a way to use the isos other than burning them to dual layer discs?

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    I don't know how to fix the issues you're having. But if you're FTPing stuff to your Xbox you really shouldn't be using iso's, they're just adding work and clearly causing issues. I'm going to PM you something helpful for you to look at.
    *PSA* Wii Redump collector's can now unscrub ISO files. So scrubbed games can now be verified. You can find the program to do this here

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