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    Default Computer dual systems

    I want to install both window 7 and window 10 in the same laptop because I have to work on window 7 requirement and window 10 is for my wife. Can I install both window system in the same pc and using separate data for it?
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    You can probably find how to do this very easily if you Google. Windows/MS have tools for setting up dual boot systems but you do need to install them in the way intended so check the sources for advice about this particular combination.

    On a desktop you have another option and that is to install each OS on completely separate HDDs or partitions basically blinding them to each other. You can then choose the boot partition from the BIOS/UEFI at start up, usually by pressing F12, and selecting the boot device/partition from the menu.

    It is rarely quite as simple as this as sometimes Windows OS conflict at some level.

    However and wherever the two OS are installed there is also the question of BIOS/UEFI and driver support. If it is a Win10 laptop it may not support Win7 at all. Drivers that work across the two different OS may not be available. There could be generic drivers or older drivers that do work but you'll need to look into that yourself for the specific make/model of laptop you're talking about.

    The laptop manufacturer's web site/forum are probably the only places you are going to get reliable information on these matters unless the laptop's manual specifically mentions Win10/7 dual booting and how to set it up. It almost certainly will not.

    Your best option IMHO is go the virtual machine route ie. install a virtual machine program:-

    and install Win7 on that.

    It should bypass many of the problems described but when it comes to using particular hardware or, occasionally, software too, you may still get driver issues.

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